Above: Projaya's Staff Family Day


Who's behind some of the biggest companies? MAYBE YOU

What are the criteria expected to be a potential staff of Projaya?

  • Job knowledge
    Knowledge of area of responsibilities and work assignments.
  • Quality of work
    Work done according to expected standards with little occurrence of errors.
  • Effort and diligence
    Hardworking & readiness to put in effort.
  • Dependability
    Reliability in assuming and carrying out duties and assignments with minimum supervision. Can accept responsibility when an error occurs.
  • Cooperative
    Conformity to rules & regulations generally and ability to work as part of a team harmony.
  • Adaptability
    Flexibility and ability to adapt to changes, working under pressure and meeting deadlines.
  • Attendance & Promptness
    Punctuality in work. Avoiding absenteeism and loitering.



Opportunities with Projaya:
  • Continuous learning platform - Skills Development Program

Technicians are provided with training in accordance with their level of skills and
knowledge. Projaya's set of Technicians' Development Program gives an opportunity
for every technician to develop and upgrade their skills as they move the career ladder.

  • Enriching career opportunities

Projaya has a performance based increment and promotion system, where staffs are
given an opportunity to enhance their career based on their job performance. Any staff
who aims to continue higher studies in automobile engineering would also receive a
testimonial from Projaya if they have worked for more than two (2) years with the company.

  • Challenging experiences

Due to the variety of services provided by the centre, there are always challenging
experiences and new knowledge to be discovered at Projaya.

  • The Leadership

Every staff of Projaya has a great chance of becoming a leader because every person
is trained with the necessary qualities and skills required for a leader. In line with its vision,
Projaya is looking forward to create more leaders in the motor industry for its future branches.

  • Innovative thinking

Staffs are encouraged and motivated to explore ideas for the development of the
company and its business at all times. Teamwork with integrity is one of the core values at Projaya.
Hence, during the process, they will gain more exposure and experience from their work.

  • Specialised technical training

Staffs are sent for specialised courses related to their field to enhance their knowledge
and keep them up-to-date with the contemporary technology advancement.