Fleet owners are companies with more than 5 vehicles maintained by Projaya.

Benefits of being a fleet company with Projaya:


Projaya is the place where you would rely on when it comes to vehicles, no matter whether it is just for a free inspection or an advice in an emergency situation. It is the place where you know your car is safe because at Projaya, we really care for your safety and comfort.



Credit Terms & Email Facility

Projaya provides credit facility with 30-45 days terms to companies with more than 5 vehicles with a term contract. Projaya also provides temporary credit to small companies with acceptance of email or fax approval to proceed with work required.

For vehicles with problem that are not easily visible to the owners, the service advisor will take photographs and would email them to the respective company for easy approval. In this way, companies are assured of genuine service and products, which would enable them to save cost in long-term.