Fleet owners are companies with more than 5 vehicles maintained by Projaya.

Benefits of being a fleet company with Projaya:


Projaya is the place where you would rely on when it comes to vehicles, no matter whether it is just for a free inspection or an advice in an emergency situation. It is the place where you know your car is safe because at Projaya, we really care for your safety and comfort.



Maintenance Schedule

Vehicles are maintained in accordance with the maintenance schedule set by the vehicle manufacturer respectively. Projaya advises customers to adhere to the system as accurate as possible to avoid vehicle breakdown and unwanted repair cost from incurring. Any further repairs deemed necessary would be advised in the remarks of the invoice by the Service Advisor. Therefore, at every service Technicians would inspect the overall road worthiness of the vehicle.

Maintaining vehicles in accordance to schedule also provides companies with easy access to information pertaining to the past or future repairs for the vehicle. Most companies would be able to prepare budgets and analysis of their vehicles for the year ahead with easily retrieval of information from Projaya's Customer Service Management Database.