Fleet owners are companies with more than 5 vehicles maintained by Projaya.

Benefits of being a fleet company with Projaya:


Projaya is the place where you would rely on when it comes to vehicles, no matter whether it is just for a free inspection or an advice in an emergency situation. It is the place where you know your car is safe because at Projaya, we really care for your safety and comfort.



Standard Pricing

Fleet companies are ensured of reasonable pricing at all time when they send their vehicle to Projaya because the prices are fixed with a ceiling of market price. Fleet owners would not have to worry about sending their vehicles to strangers or various workshops at different times, which may be subject to manipulation.

Every fleet company would be usually provided with the standard parts and labour price list for reference purposes based on the models they own. Usually the labour cost for service and repair will be fixed in the fleet owner's contract upon inception for at least two years to enable smooth transaction flow whereas parts prices would be based on quotations that would be revised periodically as they fluctuate according to stock availability.