Fleet owners are companies with more than 5 vehicles maintained by Projaya.

Benefits of being a fleet company with Projaya:


Projaya is the place where you would rely on when it comes to vehicles, no matter whether it is just for a free inspection or an advice in an emergency situation. It is the place where you know your car is safe because at Projaya, we really care for your safety and comfort.



Records accuracy & management

Projaya has four functional departments to manage its business, as listed below:

Department Functions
Customer Service
  • To attend to customer¡¯s requirements and to organise jobs accordingly
Service Centre
  • To troubleshoot & repair motor vehicles as per specification

  • To provide quality service in a timely manner with minimal or zero warranty claims
  • To execute the flow of inventory from vendors to store to service centre efficiently

  • To purchase stocks at the right price from the right vendor at the right time
Accounts & HR
  • To ensure all transactions are successfully captured by the system and documented accurately with relevant controls in place

  • To ensure the timely submission of financial reports for audit, tax and management

  • To efficiently manage the payroll and HRD procedures